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 West Sikkim Tour is a dream for everyone. It’s a very popular and well-known tourist destination for lovers of nature and Mt.Kanchenjunga.It offers a majestic view of Mt.Kanchenjunga and attracts thousands of tourists worldwide.

This part of Sikkim not only famous for its mountain, it’s the home of the Buddhist monasteries. Some of the oldest famous unique monasteries found here, like Pema Yangtse monastery, etc.

The WestSikkim also offers a spectacular view of Darap valley. Here we can found some of the eye-catching waterfalls and lakes like NorthSikkim.

Besides this tourist attraction, the part offers some offbeat adventure activities, like rafting,  fishing, trekking, etc. The best part of the region, tourists can visit the place throughout the year.

How to Reach WEST SIKKIM?

By Air: The nearest airport is Bagdogra in Westbengal.The airport is well connected with all Indian Major cities. From Outside of the airport, we can found taxis, private cabs to reach West Sikkim(Pelling). Between the airport and Pelling is about 140km.

By Train: Sikkim is a mountain state. It’s not origin any train route. The nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri Railway station(West Bengal), which is well connected to Sikkim by Road. The Railway head is well connected with all Indian Region. Outside of the Railway station, we can book a shared car or private cabs or we have to go to NJP Bus station. From the bus station, we can easily reach West Sikkim by road.

By Road: This is one of the best parts of this tour. We can come to Sikkim from any state of India. But we have to know, the Sikkim Government not issue permits for any restricted area. But, West Sikkim is the region where you will get a permit for your self-driven car. Otherwise, some of the nearest states offer Bus services to NJP and from there we can take local bus services.


The Sikkim is Known for its natural Beauties. In different parts of Sikkim, we can found different activities.

West Sikkim is one of the beautiful regions in Sikkim, Here we can found various memorable places and activities. The Places are described below…

  1. Pelling: Pelling is a Hill station in west Sikkim. It’s the main city in this region and situated at an altitude of 7200 ft. Pelling is a very popular tourist destination in Sikkim. Here we can see the view of Mount. Kanchenjunga very closely. This is also the base of trekker who wants to trek to Barsey Rhododendron Trek, Goecha La Trek, Kasturi trek, Kanchenjunga National Park trek, etc. The Place is surrounded by some of the old monasteries, waterfalls, lakes, and beautiful valleys.
  1. Darap Valley: Darap valley is a small unexplored village, situated near Pelling city. The Limbo Community occupied this place. The valley is gently sloped. Here we can found a 200-year-old Limboo traditional House and the structure of the house with solid mud floors and tar-encrusted ceilings. The valley offers a panoramic view of Pelling City.
  1. Rimbi Water Falls: Rimbi waterfalls is a famous tourist destination in west Sikkim, situated at a distance of about 12 km from Pelling. The waterfall is formed over the Rimbi river. It attracts tourists during summertime and offers a spectacular view. The waterfall turns into the Rimbi river. At this point, tourists can do some adventurous activities like Swimming and fishing. Here we can found one place called Assala, where we can found various types of fish.
  1. Khecheopalri sacred Lake: Khecheopalri Lake is located at a distance of about 34 km from Pelling town. The lake is sacred for both Buddhists and Hindus and well known as a wish-fulfilling lake. Khecheopalri means “Heaven of Padmasambhava”, an 8th-century Buddhist master. The local people belives that Lord Shiva meditated in a cave above the lake. The lake appears to be in the shape of a foot and the locals believed that is the footprint of Lord Shiva.
  1. Rabdenste Ruins:  Rabdenste Ruins is the second capital of Sikkim. It’s a trekking place. The trek starts from Pelling Geyshing Road and ends in the Rabdenste Ruin. This is a relaxing point. This is the most attractive for the trekker. During April-may month, here you can found the various type of flower shows their beauty.
  1. Pema Yangtse Monastery: Pema Yangtse monastery is a 300 years old premier Buddhist monastery in Sikkim. It was founded By Lama Lhatsun Chempo in the 17th century. The monastery is a three-storied building that has many statues of saints and Rinpoches, Padmasambhava. Prema Yangste means “Perfect Sublime Lotus”.The monastery offers a meditative environment quietly set amidst woods and the reflection of the rich architecture and unwavering faith of the Buddhist followers



  1. Summer: Summer is the best time to visit West Sikkim. The season starts from March and extends up to May, in this period weather is very pleasant and the temperature rounded between 5’c to 25’ c. The Pelling is famous for the scenic beauty of nature. At this time snow starting melting and nature starts to show its scenic view. During crystal clear sky, the snow-capped mount Kanchenjunga looks very clear from Pelling.


  1. Monsoon:  Moon soon season is not a good time to any Hill station. Sometimes the hills boulder comes on the road and blocks the road during landslides. So, avoid monsoon to travel West Sikkim.


  1. Winter Season: The Winter season is one of the best times to visit. At this time, you can see snow in some of the places beside the other view. It’s the best time for the trekker also, a trekker can experience a tried less journey with child weather. The temperature moving around -5’c to 15’ c. This time also you can view the Himalayan range fully covered by snow.

We hope the article about the West Sikkim tour helped you. For West Sikkim tour Plan/ West Sikkim and Gangtok Tour Itinerary Visit https://www.bengalroadstar.com/2020/04/west-sikkim-pelling-tour-plan.html

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