Walking street Pattaya|Amazing place to enjoy Pattaya Nightlife

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Walking Street Pattaya is the busiest area in Thailand. The walking street Pattaya is a big Red light area and the place is famous for its naughty nightlife Pattaya in Thailand. The Pattaya walking street is a hub spot for Entertainment lovers and the place attracts huge foreigners and also the Thai people. Here you can see all the building beside each road is oriented with Night club, Bars and Other night entertainment Center.

The walking street Pattaya is located near the beach, so here you can found many more famous restaurants, beer bars, discotheques, live music venues, and filled by Pattaya walking street Hotels. All types of seafood available here.

In Pattaya walking street you can found huge numbers of prostitutes, both girls and boy/ladyboy standing beside and offers sexual entertainment.

The Walking street Pattaya is open by 8:00 pm and it gets full swing after 10 pm. At this time the street is fully closed for vehicles and reopen at 3:00 Am.

Top things to Do in Walking Street Pattaya

Explore the Pattaya Nightlife

Walking street Pattaya

The walking street is the biggest nightlife hub in the World. Here you can watch live music concern,  taste a glass of beer, and also can take a chance of sexual entertainment. In the walking street Pattaya, you can enjoy everything like other Nightlife centers. Here also you can watch the boxing shows, arrange by Thai people in front of the street.

Beachside activities

Walking street Pattaya

 Basically the place is near to the beach, so here you can able to found most of the beachside activity. Here you can found the various types of restaurants, you can take a number of seafood items with a drinks.

Muay Thai Show

pattaya walking street

Muay Thai Show is known as a Boxing show which arranges in the front of the marine Plaza in Walking street Pattaya. The show is arranged only for entertainment purposes. It’s not a real game and there you can watch most of the funny things happening in the Ring. Huge numbers of tourists gather there to watch the show. It is also the best place for sports photographers.

Pattaya Pier

 pattaya walking street hotels

Pattaya pier is a very popular and well-known feature in the Pattaya city. The place is located at the end of the walking street. Ferries to Koh larn Island leave from here. The place is very silent. If you getting bore in the walking street, then this is the right place to chill out.


Shopping in the Walking street will be marked able in your life. Here you can found almost all the necessary items. Some of the local products are also available here like clothes and handicraft items.

Hotels and Restaurant near the Pattaya walking street

 Walking Street Pattaya is a unique nightlife center. Here you can found many more reputed and spicy restaurants like Marine seafood, King seafood, Karma Indian restaurant, Rasputin Restaurant Pattaya, etc.

The place is to attract a huge number of foreign tourists and they enjoy the whole night on Walking Street. After the nightlife, they want a good hotel near walking street Pattaya Thailand.  The Pattaya walking street hotels offer a good list like Hard rock hotel Pattaya, Altera hotel and Residence, Cape Dara Resort, Dusit Thai Pattaya, LK the Empress Pattaya, Hilton Pattaya, etc. You can find some cheap hotels in Pattaya near walking street.

Best time to Visit

Pattaya weather is almost the same throughout the year. Neither too hot nor to cool. But November to February can be a good time for your trip to Walking Street Pattaya. In this time tourists gather from many countries. So careful about your accommodation and try to book hotel rooms in advance.

March to June also a good time to visit, if you want to explore the beaches in Pattaya.

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