Tirthan valley |Top 5 best places to visit in Tirthan Valley

Tirthan Valley is the Secret beauty of nature. The place is located beside the Tirthan River in Kulu district, Himachal Pradesh. ITirthan valley is situated at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level. The place is located near the Great Himalayan National Park. It is called the gateway of the Great Indian National Park. The valley name comes from the river Tirthan.  The valley is very unique and it shows the natural beauty with high mountain snow-capped peaks. Basically, most of the tourists visit the place for trekking purposes and the valley is famous for the trek.

This is the perfect place to relax with very pleasant Tirthan valley weather. Here tourists can do camping and stay overnight with chilly Tirthan valley weather and open sky star. It is an offbeat place, it may be not very much attract the family. But for the trekker, it’s just heaven. Here trekker can plan for the multiday trek.

How to reach Tirthan Valley ?

By Air :

Tirthan valley is well connected with the all nearby major cities in India. The nearest airport of the tirthan valley is Bhuntar Airport. The airport is located just 50 km away from the valley. After reaching to the airport, you can take local buses or you can book cabs to reach the place.

By Train :

The nearest railway station is Chandigarh. The railway station is well connected with all major Indian railway heads. The railway station provides a good number of Buses and cabs to reach Tirthan Valley.

By Road :

By road is one of the good options to visit the valley.  You can reach the valley from the rest of India. But if think to reach the place by bus or via rented car, then Delhi is the gateway. You can travel Delhi to Tirthan valley by regular ac/non-ac Volvo buses or cabs.

Best places to visit in Tirthan Valley

In the valley, the best part to explore is nature with snow-capped high mountain passes. This is a pure offbeat place so each and every tourist can access all the places. So, here we will explain some of the good easy accessible places. These places are listing below…

Jalori Pass

Jalori is a famous high altitude pass in Himachal Pradesh. The pass is located between Shimla and Kulu hill station. The pass is situated at an altitude of 10800 feet.  This pass offers a very attractive trek path for the trekking enthusiast. One of the famous Bollywood film shooting happened here, “Yeh Jawani Ha Diwani”.

The pass is opened for the tourists from the month of March and extended up to December. It is the paradise for the trekker. If you want to experience a thrill trek, then you should visit the place during winter season.

But avoid to visit the place during rainy season. Due to rain, most of the path were very sleeper and there is a risk of Landslide also.

Serolsar Lake

Serolsar Lake is an extremely high peak breathtaking Lake, located just 5-6 km away from the Jalori Pass. It is situated at an altitude of 3100 meters above sea level. The beautiful lake is surrounded by scenic pine trees. The water of the lake is reflecting the high peak mountains and crystal clear sky. Here we also can found one tinny temple which is well known as the Buddhi Nagin temple. The local people believed that the Buddhi Nagin is the mother of 60 Nagin and reside beside the Lake.

The Great Himalayan National Park


The Great Himalayan National Park is one of the best high altitude National Park in India. It is located in the Kulu district of Himachal Pradesh. The park is the home of the many species of Fauna, Mammals, and Birds. The park is surrounded by high ranges of the Himalayan Mountains and included with dense deodar and pine forest. The variety of animal and birds attract thousands of tourists each and every year.

Parashar Lake


Parashar lake is a pristine lake in Himachal Pradesh. The lake is a small and very attractive Lake. In the shore of the Lake, we can found a three-storied pagoda style Temple, constructed by King Bansen in the 14th century. The lake name comes fro the Rishi Parashar. Once a time Rishi Parashar meditated here.

Things to do in Tirthan valley

Tirthan valley is well known as the paradise of the trekker. So, here you can do lots of trekking activities with hiking. The major parts of the trekking listed below.

Jalori Pass trek.

Serolsar lake trek.

The great Himalayan national Park trek.

Pasahar Lake trek.

Local village explore trek.

Chehni Kothi trek.


Where to Stay?

You can found many different types of hotels in Tirthan Valley according to your Budget. Here you can found some of very good Govt. Guest house or Tirthan valley hotels to stay.

Best time to Visit Tirthan Valley

You can explore the Tirthan valley throughout the year. But every place has a good time to visit. In that case, March to late June is the perfect time to visit Tirthan Valley. In this time the Tirthan valley weather also very pleasant. Due to the good Tirthan valley weather, most of the tourists visit at this time.

In the Month of July to September, not a very good time to visit. Due to rainy season and bad tirthan valley weather, many of the route will closed due to heavy landslide. So avoid this time.

After that, from the month of Octoer to till December also a very good time for the snow lovers. Those people who loves to do some adventure activities with fresh snow, definitely visit this time.In this time trithan valley weather also provides a very good experience.

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