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Ooty is a very well-known and popular hill station in the Southern part of India. It is located in the district of Nilgiris and the state is Tamil Nadu in India. The place is also known as Udagamandalam.  It is the headquarters of the Nilgiris district. When you planning to visit South India from any corner of India, Ooty is one of the must-visit places in your tour plan.

The place offers lots of eye-catching tourist destinations. The mountain train in Ooty is one of the most popular Sights seen among them. Due to huge attractions, thousands of tourists come here to make their vacation more exciting from over the World.


How to reach Ooty?

By Train

You can easily reach the place by train from the nearest city or state. But you can’t found a direct train from the rest of India. The nearest railway station is Mettupalyam. The distance between the station and the Ooty is just 40 km.

By Air

The nearest airport is Coimbatore. It is a domestic airport and located just 88 km from the hill station. If you coming from outside of India then Bangalore International airport will be a good option to reach the place.

By Road

By road you have to find two option. One is by Bus and another is by rented cars/ private vehicles.

By Bus you can reach the place from all nearest major cities like Bangalore, Mysore, Chennai, Coimbatore, etc.

By your own car you can reach to the place from the rest of India.

Places to Visit in Ooty

Ooty is a major tourist attraction in South India and it owns so many tourist destinations. But due to the short Ooty tour plan, we will discuss only the top 10 major Places.


Botanical Gardens

Botanical Gardens is one of the best tourist attractions for all age travelers. The place is opened in 1848 by Graham Mclvor. The place is the hub point for nature and flowers lover. The gardens are divided by different six parts – Lower Garden, New Gardens, Conservatory, Italian Garden, Nurseries, and Fountain Terrace.

The well-decorated colorful sheds and verities of flowers in the garden definitely make your trip more memorable. In this garden, we will found verities of flower-like Ferns and Orchids. Also, we can see verities of tress here. One of the main attractions in the place is the Fossil tree trunk which is more than 20 million years old.

Doddabetta Peak & Tea Estate

Doddabetta is the highest peak of the Nilgiri mountain ranges. The place is just 10 km away from the Ooty. Tourists gather inhere fro take a scenic view of the Nilgiri mountain ranges. Here we can reach the top of the peak by trekking.  Also here we will found a small market and some of the local shops.

The hill station provides a lush green view of a beautiful tea garden and tea factory. Here we also found one museum where we can see verities of Items related to tea.

Lord Murugan Temple

The temple is located near to the Ooty town and situated on top of the Elk Hill. It’s a very popular hill station also. Here we can found one of the unique temples, dedicated to Lord Murugan, Warrior God. Inside the temple, we will see the Golden statue of the Lord Murugan. Besides the temple, a place is a scenic place that will provide a breathtaking hill experience.

Mariamma Temple

Devoted to Goddess Mariamma, the local goddess of a downpour, Mariamman Temple is mainstream among local people just as vacationers. As indicated by a legend, each Tuesday, shippers from Coimbatore visited this district for exchange purposes. When came two sisters searching for a spot to remain. They were approached to take shelter under a tree; that night a glimmer of lightning showed up, following which the sisters vanished. After that local people comprehended that the sisters were goddesses. They at that point built a sanctuary for both the awesome figures. Much the same as most sanctuaries in South India, it includes a pyramidal pinnacle called Vimana, which is studded with bright figures of divinities.

Ooty Lake

Ooty lake is a must-visit place during the Ooty tour. The lake is an artificial Lake and it is formed in 1824. The lake is spared across around 65 acres of area. The main attraction is boat riding in here. Here you can found many types of boats like Paddleboat, rowing boat, motorboat, etc.

The lake is surrounded by green eye-catching land and beautiful high mountains. Between the lake and the mountains, you can spend a full day here. The place is well organized. They offer a scenic park, especially for the children. In the park, we can found toy trains, horse riding, and many sports items for a little age. Also, some of the local shops organize here with local clothes, handicrafts, junk jewelry, etc.

Kamaraj Sagar Dam

The dam is the water reservoir for the town. Basically it is a picnic spot. The place is well covered by mango and coconut trees. This place is a perfect place to spend some hours with nature.  

Rose Garden

Rose garden is one of the best tourist places in Ooty. The place is located on the slopes of Elk hill. The garden organized and maintained by the Government. Here we can found more than 20000 verities of rose. This is the perfect place for the Photographer.

Tribal Museum.

The Tribal Museum is a historical and cultural place. It is also a research center of trial culture. In the museum, we can found some relics related to tribal people. The examination community here spotlights on empowering the ancestral populace to adjust to the progressions of urbanization while keeping up their way of life.

Nilgiri Mountain Railway

The mountain railway is a very attractive destination.  The rail ride is a very unique journey that goes through curvey mountain, rivers, tunnel, etc. The coach of the train was made of wood and painted with too many attractive colors. In this ride, you can take a memorable experience in your life.

Dolphin Nose

It is a very popular tourist destination in Ooty. The place is just 10 km away from Connor. Here we found Dolphin’s nose shape hills. The journey to the hill station will very memorable. The road is very romantic with lots of hairpin bends. If you planning a trip to Ooty, then definitely visit the place.


Ooty Weather ?

The place provides different weather in different times.  The Ooty weather moves on depend on the seasons.

March to June

This is the summer season in Ooty. In these months the Ooty weather will very pleasant. In this time the temperature in Ooty moves around 20’c. This is the best time to visit the place. Most of the tourists gather in the place during this period.

July to September

 This season is not a good time to visit. This is the rainy season. In this time the Ooty weather most of the time will cloudy. If you planning to visit, then avoid this time.

October to February

This is one of the best times to visit the place. At this time the Ooty weather is very cold. The temperature moves around below 5’c. This is the best time for the honeymoon couple.

Where to Stay(Ooty Hotels) ?

The place is very well-known tourists attraction. So here you can get lots of hotels. The Ooty hotels provide a price range from 500-10000 rs. If looking for budget Ooty hotels, you will easily found. If you like luxury Ooty hotels, also you can easily found here.

So plan for a better Ooty tour plan and definitely visit these places.

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