Darjeeling Tea Gardens | Top 5 Popular Tea Estate in Darjeeling

Darjeeling Tea Gardens: Darjeeling is a very popular and unique hill station as we all know. The Place is also famous for its fabulous world-famous tea estate. Today we will discuss the top 5 famous and popular tea gardens of Darjeeling.

All the tea gardens details listed below..

Happy Valley Tea Estate(Darjeeling Tea Gardens) :

Darjeeling Tea Gardens

Happy Valley is the most popular tea estate in Darjeeling and also in India. The garden established in 1854 and it is the second oldest tea estate in Darjeeling Tea Gardens. The garden is situated at an altitude of 6900 feet above sea level. It spared around 270 acres of area. Every day more than 1500 people working here.

Here we can take a spectacular view of the garden with high mountain hill passes.

Whenever you are visiting the place, you can found one factory outlet at the end of the garden. Where ever you can taste the varieties of tea and also you can buy the best quality tea. Also, it is a must-visit place whenever you are planning for a Darjeeling Tea gardens tour.

Makaibari Tea Garden

Makaibari tea garden is one of the unique tea gardens in Darjeeling. It is located in the Kurseong subdivision. If you are visiting the tea estate, you can found here three rivers flow through Makaibari. Once completed the plant, will provide an uninterrupted green, clean, and sustainable energy source for the entire estate as well as for the neighboring region.

The garden is located with a beautiful slope and it produces many numbers of tea like Springtime Bloom, Summer solstice muscatel, Darjoolong, Bai Mu Dan, Organic Black Tea whole Leaf, Organic Black Brokens, Organic green tea whole leaf, Organic green Fannings, Etc.

Gomtee Tea Estate & Resort

Goomtee tea estate one of the oldest Darjeeling Tea Gardens in Darjeeling. It is located in the Kurseong sector in Darjeeling District and situated at an altitude of 4150 feet above sea level. It is just next to Hill cart road(National highway).

In this garden more than 300 people working regularly. Here we can found one of the famous old bungalows ( more than 100 years). Once upon a time, the Bungalow used as Henry’s family residence. But nowadays it is used for the group’s visiting directories and their families. However, they have now opened it to the tourists as well.

Chamong Chiabari Tea Estate

Chamong Chaibari Estate is a great tourist attraction in Darjeeling. The estate is situated at an altitude of 6400 feet. The estate included a beautiful tea plantation and Resorts. The resorts are well maintained. Here tourists can relax and refresh themselves with fresh mountain air. Here tourists can do many more activities like cycling, trekking, jeep safari, etc. The estate area is about 346 hectares.

Here you have to spend at list one full day to take the garden beauty with the great Himalayan views.

Glenburn Tea Estate

Glenburn tea estate is a beautiful Darjeeling Tea Gardens on a hill slope with two river streams passing through the estate.

The estate offers some resort type home stay. This resort types home stay attract tourist through out the years.

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