Auli Uttarakhand | Top 10 Amazing Places to Visit in Auli

Auli is a very famous and popular hill station. It is located in the Chamoli district in Uttarakhand, India, and situated at an altitude of 2800 meters above sea level. The place is surrounded by coniferous and oak dense forests. It is also called Auli Bugyal, which means “Meadow”.  This is one of the unique hill stations in India. It attracts thousands of tourists to shows the beauty of its snow-capped mountains. It is especially famous for hiking and skiing. In winter times here arranged winter sports by GMVNL. GMVNL is an agency, undertaking by the Uttrakhand state government. The organization especially takes care of Uttrakhand Tourism Department in Auli.

How to Reach Auli?

By Air

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport, located in Dehradun. Dehradun to Auli distance is approx 150km. After reaching Dehradun airport, we can take a cab to reach the place. It will be direct services by road from Dehradun. Also, we can take a bus from the airport and the buses will drop us in Joshimath and from the Joshimath we can take a cab or take a ride of the ropeway to reach the destination.

By Train

Uttrakhand is a popular tourist destination and is well connected by the train route from the rest of India. The nearest railway station is Haridwar. The distance between Haridwar and Auli is around 275 km. Also, we can reach the place via Dehradun And Rishikesh Railway station. From the railway station, we can take a cab or Bus to reach the Place.

By Road

We can easily reach the place by road from any corner of India. The journey by road will be a memorable experience in your life. Also, we can reach up to Delhi via train or flights and after that, we can take a Bus or cabs to reach Delhi to Auli.

Top 10 Places to visit in Auli

Auli tourism is one of the important parts of Uttrakhand. The place is included lots of vital tourist destinations. Here we will discuss the top 10 popular and important tourist destinations.

You can see the below attractive destination to explore, when you will be there.



Joshimath is a fantastic place to visit. The place is home to Badrinath in the Winter season. The place is an important land to reach another popular destination, Auli. Joshimart includes the world’s longest cable car(4km) towards Auli. The place basically a holly place. Here we can found some of the famous temples like Kalpavriksha and Narsingh Temple. Also, Joshimath is known as a trekking trail to Badrinath.

Auli Artificial Lake

Auli Uttarakhand

Auli lake is a manmade lake. It is located just one km distance fromGMVNL. It is the world’s highest manmade lake. The Lake was developed by the government of Uttarakhand. The lakes offer a serene and calm environment together with snowboarding observation.  Here we can take an eye-catching view of Nanda Devi Peak.  In the summertime, the government agency produces artificial snow to give a natural snow experience to the visitors.

The place can be reached by Cable car/Ropeway from Joshimath. When you visit by ropeway, can take a spectacular view of the city and also high mountains Peak.

Gurso Bugyal

Gurso Bugyal is a trekking point. The place is situated at an altitude of 3056 meters above sea level and located just 3 km away from the place.  In wintertime, the place is fully covered by heavy snow. The place also surrounded by dense forests. If you want to visit the place, they have to follow the only option that is Trekking. The place also the trekking trail to Chattarkund.

Auli Ropeway


Auli ropeway is a world-famous cable car. The ropeway is the World’s longest ropeway which is connected Auli to Joshimath. When you will plan for the Auli tour, you have to come first to Joshimath. After reaching to Joshimath, You can take a ride on the ropeway towards Auli. In this route, you can take a spectacular view of high snow-clad mountains and the whole Auli city.  


Chattrakund is another beautiful snow-clad land that can accessible by trekking. The route is fully covered by dense forest. If you want to explore the place, they can take a local guide. Otherwise, you can’t properly access the place.

The place is situated at an altitude of 3300 meters above sea level.  The place is included with a small and beautiful lake which is surrounded by high mountains. This is one of the perfect places to visit during the Auli trip.

Chenab Lake

Chenab lake also a manmade lake. The lake is developed by the government to serve as a tourist spot. Lake water is used for a drink in crisis time. The lake is located just a 2 km distance from the GMVNL guest house. It also a must-visit place during your Auli trip.

Auli Ski Resort

Chenab Lake

Auli ski resort is developed by the state govt. And serves the tourists. This is the main attractive point in Auli. In wintertime, here organize winter sports by the GMVNL. Outside of the resort is the place where the winter sports (Skiing and hiking) arranged.  The resorts are made for the Ski enthusiasts people who can take part in the game and can stay here.

Trishul Peak

Auli Uttarakhand

Trisul peak is the viewpoint of the Auli. The peak offers a 360’ view of high mountain snow-clad peaks. From the place, we can see a picturesque view of Nanda Devi Peak. Also, we can take the eye capture photo of the city from here. The famous artificial Lake and Chena Lake also visible from here.      

Nanda Devi National Park


Nanda Devi National Park is a very famous and popular destination among Auli. The place is spread over 630 square kilometers. This is the second-highest national park in India. Here we can found some  Himalayan Black bears, musk deer, and snow leopards. Also here we can found a wide variety of flora and fauna. One more thing to see here is Nanda Devi Sanctuary, located in the Park. The place can be a perfect destination for families with Kids.

Rudra Prayag


Rudra Prayag is one of the most attractive places in Uttrakhand. Rudra Prayag also a well-known trekking trail. The place is well connected to the main tourist destinations like Dehradun and Rishikesh. The tourist who is trekking to Kedarnath can take a rest in the place. The place is situated beside a beautiful lake and it included lots of famous temples.  Basically, the place is a holy place. From here you can also start a trek to Tungnath and Chopta.

Best time to visit Auli Uttarakhand

Auli is the Place in Uttrakhand where you can go throughout the year. But every place has a good time to visit. If we think from this site, we will find the two most popular times. One is from October to December and another from February to April.  This is one of the most attractive snow viewpoints in Uttrakhand. If you go this time, you can get the real snow. Otherwise, another option is there is artificial snow in an artificial lake. But you should avoid visiting the place during the rainy season.

Auli temperature is very pleasant throughout the year. In April to June month, can get crystal clear Auli weather.

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